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In 1985, the concept of Bradannii was born.

When I was a T-Ball coach, I had the pleasure of teaching two young people that had disabilities: Bradley and Dannii. Their sheer determination, positive outlook and love for life was unparalleled. However, much to our despair, they both passed away aged just twelve and thirteen. This huge loss only made me more determined to start this new company and partner with people from all walks of life to assist them with discovering their purpose, as we all have one – Where there is life, there is hope!

Our first huge landmark was the purchase of the Bradannii house in 2015 in Bowral. Now, here we are in 2019, with a renovated space to be able to cater for people with disabilities and aged care. The space is open for rental to those who need a whole host of specialised equipment, such as hoist, commode, and beds, as well as providing staff around the clock.

I am honoured to be able to remember Bradley and Dannii. Their spirit has been injected into this company, creating a diverse, strong and caring ethos and culture within all arms of our organisation.


We had a blast at the Sydney Disability Expo 2019!

If you saw us at the Expo, and you want to get in touch, you may fill out this short form!

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