Local service and support is practical

*Peter has an autoimmune disease that has taken away his mobility. He uses mobility aids including a walking stick, leg and ankle braces, and bathroom aids.

Peter was looking for a service provider in Sutherland Shire. His medical specialist gave him a list of NDIS providers, without any verification or preference. The first company approached said they were local, but it turned out they didn’t have anyone in the area. Frustratingly, they promised the world and did nothing for months and he never heard back from them.

When one of his friends recommended speaking to Julie from Bradannii, he found that help was practical and immediate. The Bradannii team helped to source new therapies in the local area, helping him to and from appointments. Bradannii now provides support co-ordination, guidance with navigating NDIS issues, and support workers when needed.

It feels good to have support. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.
Having Bradannii working with and supporting me takes a load off my mind, and takes the pressure off me. I needed someone to guide me through NDIS as I knew nothing about it. My support coordinator asks all the right questions and has helped me work out my plan for the coming year. She sources equipment, makes appointments and touches base very regularly.
*names changed for privacy