Our main focus is build capacity for people with disabilities and to employ them and teach them how to run their own businesses.

Who we are – The Core Team

Who we are and a bit about ourselves.

Julie Allison
Coordinator of Supports Coach
More About Julie

Do what you are created to Do – Be who you are created to Be…

Having tried and tested many different ways in which to help and support others with challenges of life, I finally found success in coaching. The process is non-judgmental and always provides a positive outcome for my clients.

Now, as a qualified coach, I support and motivate others to reach their personal dreams and goals to their full potential. Through that, I also guide, teach and empower others to realise what they are capable of, which is often much more than they ever could have imagined.

I am truly passionate about my role within the NDIS Capacity Building area, which is to assist participants to work towards goals and gain greater insight into their lives, as well as Support Coordination. I walk along side of you to make sure your aspirations are always met, even down to what type of chocolate you like. YBECAUSEICAREISY

I also love to take the bus out with my clients, to places like Floriade in Canberra, the blue Mountains, enjoy a picnic or fish and chips; once again, it comes back to what you want and where you want to go to. (We are also awesome when it comes to our craft days!)

Bradannii is my happy place, where I am surrounded by my enthusiastic, like-minded, kind-hearted team, and strong and determined clients.

Toni Taylor
Office Manager
More About Toni
After many years of working in team leadership and management roles in various industries, including finance and recruitment, I finally took the plunge to return to Australia, where I first started working for Bradannii.

I knew that my future career had to be involved with helping others that truly needed support, because I just felt so passionate about it. I was delighted to be offered a role within a Home Care organisation as an Office Manager. Within this role, I was able to use all of my previous skills, knowledge and experience to support and nurture others around me.

Although my role can be challenging, it makes it all the more worth it knowing the different ways in which we can support these individuals that need it the most. From coaching to respite services, our shared goal is enabling our clients to have a better quality of life and we will go on to do so. A job can’t get more rewarding than that.

Kathleen Clegg

Community Outreach & the Project

More About Kathleen

I’m Kathleen Clegg, otherwise known as Charlie.

I have worked in the industry for three years and feel happy to be of service to our clients. It brings me joy to help people and always available to help out.

Before I joined Bradannii, my background was in aviation – organising crew and aircraft to make sure everyone gets to their destination, safely. This has given me great organisational skills.

I look forward to continue giving the service that one expects at Bradannii!


Carmel Ward


More About Carmel

I joined the Bradannii team because I believe and support the vision of Bradannii and what it is accomplishing in the community.

Bradannii is about helping people in the community to achieve their independence. We believe in them as individuals  by providing the right staff to help and support them in their achievements and goals.

I have been an Administrator for many years over my working career and I believe that the knowledge I have gained will be a great asset to Bradannii.

My aim is to have Bradannii Staff and Participants satisfied and happy with the running of the daily tasks and duties executed.

Rick Janetzki

Marketing Manager

More About Rick

I am a triple-degree graduate, two-decade marketing-communications professional living in Brisbane. I am passionate about helping people with disability, after acquiring Cauda Equina Syndrome.

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