Bradannii's Story

Bradley and Dannii

Bradley and Dannii were born with a rare genetic blood disorder, Fanconi Syndrome. Part of the impact of this condition, for both children, was a physical disability. Julie met these two siblings and their parents, Chris and Geoff, when she was a teenager growing up in Bowral, NSW in the mid 1980s. Julie, a T-Ball coach, taught both children, became part of the loving family unit and community.

What Julie experienced with this special family unit, was dedication and loving support that shaped Bradley and Dannii’s unparalleled confidence, determination, and positive outlook. Both children knew they could depend on the support of their family and with this confidence, they never complained, never gave up on their dreams or on their lives.

Bradley became Vice Captain of his school and achieved a sports person of the year award. Dannii was a delight and had the best sense of humour, a real ray of sunshine. Sadly, Bradley passed away age 12 and Dannii,14.

Sepia image of early teen siblings, one male and one female hugging
woman looking at two portraits of a young boy and girl hanging on a brick wall


Bradannii’s Founder, Julie Allison, made a promise that if she were ever to start a business, she would name it after two young people who had a profound impact on her life.

The Bradannii philosophy was born in 1985 – inspired by two determined, positive young people – Bradley and Dannii.


Portraits of Bradley and Danni by Melissa Ritchie

“I learned important lessons for life from this family. There was so much love in their lives, and they brought so much joy to me and others. Their example of loving care, passion for life, resilience, determination and positivity are foundations for how we, at Bradannii, care for people with a disability, and their families.”- Julie Allison

Where there is love, there is life. Where there is life, there is hope.
Bradley and Dannii’s story is held dear in the NSW South Coast and Southern Highlands communities and continues to be a living legacy and example of how love can make a difference to care, through Julie and Bradannii.