What is Respite

and How Does it Benefit You

Respite is a benefit filled opportunity for a carer and the recipient to have a well-earned, temporary, break from the duties of care and being cared for. Respite can last anywhere from a few hours to several days.

There are many reasons why a carer may need respite. For example, they may need to visit other family members that are ill and it isn’t realistic for the participant to make the trip with them; a carer may need to take a few days to recover from their own illness, etc. and the care recipient lacks an alternative person to provide sufficient care for them. It may even be a case where the carer just needs a well-deserved break.

With that in mind, it must be stated that going into respite care is not a negative experience that is frowned upon! Rather, it is intended to be a positive experience that benefits both the carer and care recipient.

Respite: Who, How Long, and Where

Respite doesn’t have to be provided by a formal organisation. An alternative family member, friend or relative can provide informal respite care. However, there are disability support services just like Bradannii that provide professional respite care services.

The length of respite can range from just a few hours to several days.

Professional respite services can either provide a place that the recipient attends throughout the period of respite or alternatively the period of respite can be in the privacy of the recipient’s house. There are even holiday homes and camps that have been established to provide outstanding levels of respite care. That’s right, respite can even feel like a holiday for the recipient!

How does Professional Respite Care Work?

Generally speaking, if you are looking for professional respite care, you will need to undergo an assessment beforehand. However, there are many ways to access care.

The Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres provide both respite and in-home care. It is important that you call them on 1800 052 222. If emergency respite care is needed you can call them on an afterhours number of 1800 059 059.

The Cost of Respite

The cost of respite varies depending on specifics of the situation. Some services are free while others are quite expensive.

Like many other government subsidies, if you are in a position to afford respite then you may be required to contribute to part or all of the service. However, it is important to note that for NDIS purposes, many plans have respite worked into them.

Benefits of Respite for the Caregiver

  1. Stress Relief

When you put a participant into respite care whether it be for a few hours, overnight or a few days it gives you an opportunity to relieve stress.

  1. Take care of other issues

Being a carer is a time consuming. Therefore, when your participant is in respite a carer gets an opportunity to take care of other issues that they may not get an opportunity to otherwise.

  1. Time for yourself

When your participant is in respite you may get time for yourself. This is important so because you can often lose time to give yourself the type of selfcare that you require and deserve. You can invest some of your respite time into your passion.

  1. Time for your other family members and friends

As a carer most of your attention is focused on the person you’re caring for. As a result, other important relationships in your life can suffer as a result. A benefit of respite is that you may get an opportunity to dedicate some time to other people important in your life.

  1. Opportunity to rest and rejuvenate

Sometimes the best thing that you can do for yourself is to do nothing and rest. Respite may give the carer the opportunity to do just this. As a result, you will become rejuvenated and restful so that when you need to throw yourself back into your role as carer you can do so feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  1. Rediscover yourself

An additional benefit of respite for the carer is that it may give them an opportunity to rediscover themselves. You will be able to find your identity and regain your sense of what makes you feel like you!

  1. Social engagement

Respite gives carers an opportunity for some exterior social engagement unrelated to their role as carer. By this, you may want to attend a community activity, a special event.

Benefits of Respite for the Recipient

  1. Professional Care

Nobody doubts that your carer knows your needs and requirements better than anybody else. However, having a professional nursing team provide respite will help. You may even learn something that will help your carer!

  1. Daily routine

Many forms of respite focus on routine. This is a good thing for a recipient because routine has been proven to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Routine can also help make you more efficient, it can reduce your need to plan, helps support a structure, can help develop good habits while breaking bad ones, and will help you accomplish your goals.

  1. Opportunity to preview Supported Independent Living

Respite can give you an opportunity to preview and learn what living in supported independent living (SIL) would be like for you. You may find that it enables you to have more freedoms and opportunities while giving your loved ones a chance to live their life to the fullest. SIL has many benefits and although it’s not for everyone many people with disabilities find that they enjoy this lifestyle better while maintaining a close connection to your current carer, family, and friends.

We will focus on Supported Independent Living in a follow up blog post. Please check back in a week or two for this entry.

  1. Warm and welcoming environment

A benefit of high-quality respite is that they have been designed to provide you with a warm and welcoming environment. This helps you to settle in, relax, and to feel at home. Professionally trained staff can make even the shortest of respite feel like a luxurious holiday.

For example, Bradannii has a delightful three-bedroom house of respite in Bowral that provides this benefit. The property has been designed and set up for people with disabilities and we have a great team of care workers who have regularly been complimented as going above and beyond for our clients.

For more information on our beautiful Bowral property, click here!

  1. Opportunity to engage in other activities

Respite can provide opportunities to engage in new and exciting activities. For example, we are able to set our respite participants up with shopping expeditions, day trips to the beach or on picnics. If you dream it and it is possible then you can do it while on respite.

Many of our greatest respite success stories have been based around taking participants to events and trips that they had only ever dreamed of. Respite can and does make those dreams come true!

We look forward to sharing these stories with you in future blog posts.

  1. Respite from the Comforts of Home

Alternatively, just because we can make trips and adventures it doesn’t mean that we have to. If you’re at your very best at home then that’s perfectly okay. It may be an opportunity for your everyday carer to have a night or two away from home. A respite carer or team of carers can stay at your house and provide you fantastic care!

Bradannii – We are Respite Experts

At Bradannii, we are proud of our history of offering outstanding respite solutions to our clients. We are even prouder of the professional team that we employ who go above and beyond for you. They are truly special people who deserve all of the recognition that they receive.

Although we have the aforementioned Free Spirit Retreat in Bowral, New South Wales, we are capable of providing respite across Australia. For example, two of the best experiences our clients have achieved were trips to Sydney and to Brisbane. These are stories that you will read about in the future. We’d love to make your respite dreams a reality!

For more information on how we can tailor a respite package to meet your needs, please call Bradannii on 0479 122 816.

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