About You

We value people and deliver personal, reliable, and trustworthy care

Personalised service

Your needs and goals are entirely unique – just like you.

Bradannii’s purpose is to help you, an individual with disabilities, to:

  • be independent and live life on your terms.
  • improve your quality of life by helping you to discover your potential and to achieve your goals.
  • enrich your life on the path to wellbeing.

Bradannii empowers you by:

  • Focusing on your needs for physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
  • Encouraging two-way communication, responsibility, accountability, and independence.
  • Providing timely, professional advice on all NDIS planning and trustworthy management.
  • Finding appropriate solutions, taking practical actions and delivering quality services for your daily life, and working toward your goals.
  • Building your capacity, confidence, skills, and resilience.
  • Including you in our supportive, caring community through fun social events, life and job skill development that align to your goals.

Support teams in community hubs

Bradannii provides care for our valued participants in a personalised way in community hubs in:

  • Sutherland Shire and Southern Sydney,
  • llawarrra and Sholhaven, NSW.

We are your team, and you become a part of our caring community. Our focus is on achieving the right balance of services and supports in place to make your life easier.

Get to know and grow with people in your community.

Our Support Workers are people we know and trust, and who look after others in your area. Your Support Workers and service providers become part of your team, your extended family. You will rely on your support workers who often become the closest people to you in your life.