Capacity Building

Bradannii’s Founder, Julie Allison, leads the Capacity Building division of our business. As a qualified Allied Health professional, Julie has led groups across workshops and retreats, in which she teaches participants social and life skills.

At the one-to-one level, Bradannii offers a range of Capacity Building services, including Therapy Supports for both Children over 7 years and Adults. Coming under the category of Improved Daily Living, Bradannii’s Therapy Supports facilitate functional improvement where maximum medical improvement has been reached. Our therapies are aimed at helping participants to adjust, adapt, and build
capacity for community participation. For those facing harmful or persistent behaviours of concern, we offer Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support, which carves out behaviour support plans. These plans empower participants, their families and support persons to either eliminate or reduce behaviours of concern.

Bradannii is also proud to run several programs under the category of Innovative Community Participation. We deal with the NDIA quotation and service booking process so that participants are enabled to access mainstream activities in new and creative ways. In addition to bespoke programs, we deliver a standard range of Community Participation Activities at both the group and individual level, so that participants can test out new areas of interest and build relationship skills. 

Whether it be assisting participants in attending appointments, shopping, bill paying, or taking part in social activities, our goal is to increase participants’ independence in their daily lives. Certain Capacity Building services are offered nationally via telephone or video call and our in-person supports are offered in South Sydney, Sutherland Shire, the South Coast NSW, and Northern Beaches NSW

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