Case studies and Testimonials

Local service and support is practical

*Peter has an autoimmune disease that has taken away his mobility. He uses mobility aids including a walking stick, leg and ankle braces, and bathroom aids.

Peter was looking for a service provider in Sutherland Shire. His medical specialist gave him a list of NDIS providers, without any verification or preference. The first company approached said they were local, but it turned out they didn’t have anyone in the area. Frustratingly, they promised the world and did nothing for months and he never heard back from them.

When one of his friends recommended speaking to Julie from Bradannii, he found that help was practical and immediate. The Bradannii team helped to source new therapies in the local area, helping him to and from appointments. Bradannii now provides support co-ordination, guidance with navigating NDIS issues, and support workers when needed.

It feels good to have support. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.
Having Bradannii working with and supporting me takes a load off my mind, and takes the pressure off me. I needed someone to guide me through NDIS as I knew nothing about it. My support coordinator asks all the right questions and has helped me work out my plan for the coming year. She sources equipment, makes appointments and touches base very regularly.
*names changed for privacy

The right place for Keith to call home.

Keith has complex health and severe mental health issues which have progressively worsened over the years. Keith had lived with his family in Shoalhaven, NSW his entire life. He requires 24/7 support and cannot be left on his own. His elderly parents reached a point where they could no longer cope with Keith’s declining health, behaviour, and increasing need for care.

As there’s a shortage of services in the region, Jennifer* eventually sought help from Illawarra Mental Health. Keith was taken to Shellharbour, for assessment.

Keith now lives in Supported Independent Living in one of Bradannii’s houses in the Illawarra.

You know good people. You can tell they truly care.
Our Guardian Angels are the Bradannii team. Knowing that Keith is with Bradannii is a relief. Julie and her team went above and beyond to make sure everything was set up for Keith, and that I had the opportunity to have a look at where Keith would live. It’s a beautiful home, a lovely house in a nice area. He has his own room, there’s a family room and back yard.

We had to wait until Bradannii had a place for Keith, and we’re glad we did wait. It’s the right place for him and it’s a good fit. Keith lives with his friend, Jacob. They are good mates and get along so well.

Life is so much better for Keith. His healthcare is monitored and managed, he’s more sociable, has special people in his life and he likes the people who work with him. He has a better social life than I have! He is learning how to live in a house with others, goes out walking and fishing, and I know for sure he’s happy. He now says, “Bye mum, I’m going home.”

Having Bradannii managing Keith’s care is peace of mind for me. He has a special bond and an honest connection with his care team, with who he is comfortable. He knows they truly care.

Many other families in our situation in the Shoalhaven struggle to cope or understand what supports and mental health services in the Shoalhaven. I’d encourage others to reach out to Bradannii for guidance advice.

*names changed for privacy

Bradannii go above and beyond

Colette is a dynamic woman who has been living with a spinal injury, acquired brain injury, and complex needs – the result of an accident 15years ago. Collette has been in control of much of her healthcare and disability management over the years herself, without any early intervention until roughly 10 years into her injury.

In recent years she has found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the complexities and demands of navigating her health and care needs without NDIS funding and support by Bradannii.

Julie has taken the time to get to know me and showed me that I still have potential as a person and supporting me when I’ve been at my weakest, also driving me to fulfill my dreams. My goals are that I can still achieve to the best of my ability if supported by the NDIS, to keep me fit and healthy due to my current health condition and disability.

This is above and beyond what you’d expect from other NDIS providers. My support team actively works with me and helps me make decisions. I see them every day and they help me with all aspects of my life. Because I have no other kind of supports, they are the constant, reliable people in my life.

Collette works closely with her support coordinator, who collaborates with healthcare providers and support workers, manages all her services, and ensures that her NDIS plan and budget is in control. She relies on her support workers every day to help her in all aspects of her life – getting in and out of bed, personal care, dressing, shopping, food preparation, keeping the house and garden in order, and walking Russ, her companion and therapy dog. Because of the personal nature of this work, it’s important that the right people to work with Colette are a consistent, trustworthy team.

This level of support enables Collette time and space to live her life and pursue her goals with required sufficient funding.