Bradannii go above and beyond

Colette is a dynamic woman who has been living with a spinal injury, acquired brain injury, and complex needs – the result of an accident 15years ago. Collette has been in control of much of her healthcare and disability management over the years herself, without any early intervention until roughly 10 years into her injury.

In recent years she has found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the complexities and demands of navigating her health and care needs without NDIS funding and support by Bradannii.

Julie has taken the time to get to know me and showed me that I still have potential as a person and supporting me when I’ve been at my weakest, also driving me to fulfill my dreams. My goals are that I can still achieve to the best of my ability if supported by the NDIS, to keep me fit and healthy due to my current health condition and disability.

This is above and beyond what you’d expect from other NDIS providers. My support team actively works with me and helps me make decisions. I see them every day and they help me with all aspects of my life. Because I have no other kind of supports, they are the constant, reliable people in my life.

Collette works closely with her support coordinator, who collaborates with healthcare providers and support workers, manages all her services, and ensures that her NDIS plan and budget is in control. She relies on her support workers every day to help her in all aspects of her life – getting in and out of bed, personal care, dressing, shopping, food preparation, keeping the house and garden in order, and walking Russ, her companion and therapy dog. Because of the personal nature of this work, it’s important that the right people to work with Colette are a consistent, trustworthy team.

This level of support enables Collette time and space to live her life and pursue her goals with required sufficient funding.